Using Sketchtup to develop understanding.

A couple of years ago I got a very positive feedback on an animation that the the S1’s (12 year olds) at the time had produced using Google Sketchup. On a blog post by Ewan McIntosh, I made contact with Keith Hamon.
Keith is a wonderfully positive and enthusiastic leader. We talked via email about how we could work with some of the teachers in his part of the world. He identified Bob Meacham from the Banks Stephens Middle School in Forsyth, Georgia, USA.
Between us we developed a wiki based around pupils sharing information about local buildings.
The pupils would collect as much information about one local landmark and place it on the wiki for the other pupils to recreate in Sketchup. We would then have some video conferences. I even ‘taught’ the Banks Stephens class how to use Sketchup via VC.

Would you be interested in developing this?

1. Ian Stuart, Islay, Argyll Scotland
2. Stuart Meldrum, Hawick, Scottish Borders. I could also have some students able to take part in this.